Mystery House Comics is a small-press comics publisher in Boise, Idaho. Created to support and distribute our flagship series, "Shivertown," it quickly became apparent that comics are what we love to do, and we can't be limited to one series. Other ongoings, one-shots, miniseries, and graphic novels are in our future, so keep your eye out for the Mystery House logo. Along the way, we've also developed a passion for enhancing the local comics community, and bringing the tools, education, and experience of self-publishing to those with an interest who never thought they could do it on their own. Everyone has a million stories, we just want to help you tell them.


Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Mystery House Comics and Writer of Shivertown


Jon Keithley holding up the shivertown comic book


Jon Keithley is the founder and editor-in-chief of Mystery House Comics, a publisher based in Boise, Idaho, intent on helping and teaching other writers and artists to self-publish.  Jon is the writer of the crime noir ongoing Shivertown, on its third issue, with art by Shanae Lavelle.  He also edits and co-publishes 6x6, an anthology featuring Treasure Valley writers and artists.  His work has been featured alongside Charles Soule, Dennis Eichhorn, and Todd Clark in Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho.  You should keep up with his weekly blog, Mystery House Comments!


Art Director/Editor for Mystery House Comics and Artist of Shivertown


Shanae the art directore for Mystery House Comics

Shanae LaVelle spent most of her life daydreaming about making comics and cartoons, fascinated by it's imitation of people and society. Rediscovering hope for her long lost dream with Mystery House Comics, she has put her Bachelor's Degree from College of Idaho to use. Shanae is the artist and co-creator of Shivertown, and serves as the Art Director for Mystery House Comics.  Her art will be featured in Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho and 6x6, an anthology of which she is also an editor.  She is constantly on an adventure to learn more and improve her skills while reaching out to those who hope to do the same.  Her art can be found at


Webmaster and Tech Lead


Oscar Meza has selflessly dedicated much of his time and knowledge to assist MHC in creating and maintaining a web presence. He is working on getting his degree in Software Development and works full time both as a dad and a career man.